• flowers-mexico-flores-photography-foto-patterns-warm-colors-contrast-bright-yellow-wall

    Travel Back: Vibrant Mexico, 2015

    I’ve decided I’m done with winter. It not only inhibits my desire to enjoy life (boo!), but it’s beginning to take its toll on my mental and physical health. I’ve wrote less, have been publishing less, and in general feel…

  • kirstenbosch botanical gardens

    Visuals: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town

    The captivating botanical garden in Cape Town is a wonder, even in comparison to Table Mountain. With Klein Global Opportunities, I had an amazing opportunity to spend a month in South Africa. Of all the though-provoking and adventurous activities we…

  • Visual Journeys: La Gente de Las Cruces

    Some of the people who made my time in Panama irreplaceable, including my students. I miss them all so much, no puedo esperar a regresar.

  • Rural Panama

    Visual Journeys: Cosas de Las Cruces, Panama

    This gallery paints a picture of livelihood through things found in rural Panama. From visiting neighbors homes to the cemetery, these images represent several aspects of life in Las Cruces and its low-tempo, relaxing vibe.

  • Panama Nature

    Visual Journeys: Ambiente

    Refreshed almost daily by rain, this land breathes life. After making a hike up to one of the many hills, the views can extend for miles.