Women That Travel

A solo female travel segment featuring stories and experiences from women that travel around the globe!

  • Meet Dora: The Latin America Trotting Canadian

    Meet Dora, the solo female traveler from Canada. In this interview, she shares her recent experiences from Central America and her best tips as a solo female who loves to explore the globe!

  • solo female traveler in vietnam working and expat in shanghai

    Meet Bianca: An Expat New Yorker In Shanghai, China

    Welcome to the Solo Female Traveler Series! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel and become an expat in Shanghai, China, you’re in luck today! This series features solo female travel experiences drawn from across the globe, featuring…

  • travel as a woman

    Travel as a Woman: What I’ve Learned

    Sometimes it’s hard to travel as a woman because just about everywhere you go, you’re still a woman. Most, if not all of us have experienced the pitfalls of femininity in our travels and at home. From harassment in the…